9. nov. 2009

UP published: Travel report from Sasa and Tadej - Mongolia

Slovenski prevod...

As regular readers will know, UP friends Sasa and Tadej from Slovenia are on a monster trip around Asia with their paragliders. Here's a story about their trip around Mongolia, with stunning images as usual!

Lake, mountains, peace and wind...in the middle of nowhere...Mongolia

After a busy Beijing Mongolia will be the place where we will escape away from the big cities. We have thirty days’ visas to spend in the country of blue skies. We plan to organize ourselves by renting a car and travel different places from eastern side of Mongolia to the south to Gobi up to the western and northern region. The cost of this 'duo' adventure would be way high so we rent a van together with other travelers and change our itinerary according to the plans of the group. More...

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