21. nov. 2009

Bivouac flying with Vitaly from Russia


30th October

Because of lots of stupid problems in Bir and no permission to fly from Billing I've decided to go by car to 360, a place with a big shit on the top and to start there and no coming back Bir till all stupid problems will be solved. So I've taken all my equipment for bivouac flight. I gonna fly to Bir and come back to 360 and sleep there. But after Billing was reached I've decided to go a bit far. How was me surprised when I've met Today and Sasha already sitting on a top of a ridge – these are the best company for bivouac I can ever imagine! So dreams came true I decided to land to them but it was not so simple.

Vitaly Shendrik from Krasnoyarsk

I spent a lot of time trying to do these: go down for 200 meters then slowly soaring up. When I've landed at last I was very happy! And I was very happy to see faces of Today and Sasha there! Today and Sasha have all necessary to do long bivouacs flights so it wasn't a problem to them to cook, to make tea. Pakistani tea is awesome! And I never eat so tasty noodles! So the evening was very nice the company was the best. The night was not so good as evening because it was very cold and my sleeping bag is for the 0*C temperature only (extreme temperature) I was afraid a bit of damaging my glider so I just lay on it and no cover with it.

Rest before flying to Dharamsala

So now I know that it is better to damage glider a bit then be frozen and wake up every hour looked the time on my cell phone, hopping it is 6 am but there was 1,2,3, and so on. Today is 31st October and I hope that we've reached Daramsala and there I've got a good sleep. In the morning a men – shepard come to us and was very interested with our flying equipment and he even measured paraglider with his stick.

So, please do not pay attention on my grammar and sintax mistakes, just my minds and thoughts!

See you!!!

Top landing above the Red Temple

9.22 am Indian time

Mr. Vitaly Shendrik from Russia, Krasnoyarsk

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