18. avg. 2010

July issue of magazine 'Soaring Australia'

UP expedition in India: Summit XC Over The South Indian Sky

The last few days in the south of India were incredible. As soon as we arrived with Sasa from Delhi, we had one of the best days of the season, they said. We were flying at 3500m while the guys from Himalaya Odyssey 2010 were waiting for better weather conditions 2000km north of us in Bir, in the Indian Himalaya. It was a big surprise because at the time of our arrival we had strong west wind and it was impossible to consider long crosscountry flights. Somehow I managed to fly 30km on that first day. Panchgani, this beautiful place, is on the plateau amongst 1400m and higher peaks... more on July 2010 pages 14-15.

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