6. feb. 2010

A stolen motorbike in Syria

The bike is still missing!!! I apologise for misuderstanding.
Please help!



Hi everybody!

I was thinking to give you a interesting link where you can follow a friend of mine Mika Kuhn from Germany who spend 6 or 7 year traveling on his motorbike around the world. He made a new plan and he is back on the road but... unexpected things happens every day.

Mika on the road again...

He got stolen of his bike in Syria on 21.1.2010 in Damascus. The security camera capture the thefts but they can't find them. In a short movie press here his friend made for him you can see the model and how the bike looks like...

If you have any information or a friend who might have a friend in that part of the world please email him on mikakuhn@web.de
You can check also his web: http://www.weltreise-motorrad.de/

Here is his letter from Damascus:

Damascus / Syria


Hello all,

Mustahil means impossible in Arabic.

This is the word I hear from every local that knows about my story of yesterday. My bike, the 750 Tenere, got stolen outside the hotel Alrabie here in the city center of Damascus. In the hours of the early morning a group of five thieves broke the locks and one of them rode away with the bike.

I would have said myself, it is impossible that something like this happens in Syria. But you learn every day. A camera from a shop nearby filmed the incident, but I have not seen the video yet.Aleppo - Syria

The police is working on the case, I have the help of the German embassy and from some local friends. But I have problems getting the media involved, as no
bad news can be broadcasted. Also a big problem is, that I do not speak Arabic and most people do not speak anything else.

Hopefully this is not a sudden end to my journey, I am not even two months on the road again.



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